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Jack Carbine AEG Replica Airsoft Gun Review

Dynamic Tactical (Dytac) released their replica AEG for Jack Carbine in late 2016, which the real steal version was manufactured by Bravo Company USA (BCM®) and Haley Strategic Partners (HSP).

Jack Carbine the Real

The Jack is a high-end AR-15 based carbine with a 10″ free float handguard, 14.5″ standard barrel. Here is a story why BCM and Travis Haley (founder of HSP, as known as famous firearms instructors) teamed up to produced the Jack Carbine. It first released in 2012 features in Cerakoted “Disruptive Grey” color. The details can be found on BCM official website.


See Jack Carbine in real action

The Jack shooting by Robo Murray at range.

Jack Carbine the AEG

Dytac made a high quality custom workshop for Jack Carbine AEG, it also features in Cerakote Disruptive Grey finish, besides here is an official parts list:

  • Dytac MK1 10″ Rail
  • Dytac 14.5″ Jack Carbine profile outer barrel
  • Dytac Gunfighter Style acute angle pistol grip
  • Dytac Gunfighter Fore grip
  • Dytac BRAVO Stock
  • Dytac Polymer BUIS
  • Dytac Quick Spring Change Gearbox
  • Dytac 380mm 6.01 tight bore inner brass barrel
  • Dytac SOCOM 3 Prong Flash Hider
  • ProWin CNC M4 Hop Up Chamber
  • Licensed Hexmag Airsoft 120rd Mid-Cap Magazine

Original Setup


Open box

With Cerakote midnight black pistol grip, as well as B5 style stock, BCM style short foregrip

Package include an AEG hexmag

Deep laser engraving BCM marking, with model serial number just as the real one

White laser engraved HSP marking, also with BCM markings on the body

Accessory pack contains Dytac front & rear sights, 2 pieces of rail with screw

10″ Geissele style SMR MK1 handguard, 14.5″ outer barrel with 14mm ccw thread, mounted 556 type 3 prong steel flash hider with “SF” marking

Custom Loadout

Custom demonstration

I put this one similar to the real one Robo Murray used in his video.

With HSP official logo patch & dummy rounds

Micro T-1 style red dot sight with QD high mount

Replaced with Madbull JP Rifles style flash hider, installed LMT style tactical front sight

With Beta project Magpul PTS Mid-Cap AEG PMAG which has a window & dummy rounds

Video review of BCM Jack Carbine on YouTube by Orlando 74


Plus: Run Jack Carbine in video games

Fortunately, we successfully found a way to run this beauty in video game, “ArmA 3”. Actually, it comes in a third party weapons mod to the game which called “AR15 Rifles” released by NIArms, Jack Carbine is included in this mod that also contains various types of AR15 based rifles. It should be easy to install the mod and enjoy the shooting. It can be downloaded from either official site or ArmaHolic (with installation guide).


Jack Carbine in the weapon list from NIArms’s “AR15 Rifles” mod for ArmA 3

BCM/HSP Jack Carbine testing fire in game


As we can see, there should be no License from BCM for this model, but truly it is a gift from Dytac who meanwhile made an announcement in their IG release post that it comes as a limited edition only 20pcs made for this model, the price from USD$348 (by jkrmy) to USD$395 (by Dytac including shipped). So believe it or not if you like this gun go grab it before it too late.